Reflections on Marriage

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In consideration of some of the issues discussed at the recent Synods of Bishops on the theme of “Pastoral Challenges to the Family in the Context of Evangelization,”  we would like to call attention to the Summer 2014 issue of Communio: International Catholic Review, which collects articles from Institute faculty members, past and present, addressing questions on the nature and pastoral care of marriage and the family. The articles include: 

Cardinal Angelo Scola, "Marriage and the Family between Anthropology and the Eucharist"

Cardinal Marc Ouellet, "Marriage and the Family within the Sacramentality of the Church"

Rev. José Granados, "The Sacramental Character of Faith

Rev. Antonio López, "Marriage's Indissolubility: An Untenable Promise?"

Nicholas J. Healy, "The Merciful Gift of Indissolubility"

D.C. Schindler, "The Crisis of Marriage as a Crisis of Meaning: On the Sterility of the Modern Will"

Adrian J. Walker, "'What God Has Conjoined, Let No Man Put Asunder'"

David S. Crawford, "Gay Marriage, Public Reason, and the Common Good"

Rev. Fabrizio Meroni, "Pastoral Care of Marriage: Affirming the Unity of Truth and Mercy"

John Paul II, "God's Gift of Life and Love: On Marriage and the Eucharist"

A précis of each original article in the Summer 2014 issue of Communio has been collected into a short booklet, which is available for download below.