Non-Degree-Seeking Enrollment

The Institute offers its regular M.T.S. courses to students who hold a bachelor’s degree and who wish to enroll in graduate-level classes but do not wish to enter a degree program. Interested applicants may complete the non-degree-seeking application (N.D.S.) and enroll in any of the M.T.S. courses regularly offered.

If the N.D.S. student enrolls in a course for credit, he or she is expected to fulfill all of the course requirements. Courses completed for credit are available for credit transfer to other institutions, with approval from the receiving institution.

N.D.S. students who simply wish to audit a course are expected to attend and complete the reading for each class but are not required to do the written papers or examinations. Although no academic credit will be granted for auditors, the course will be recorded as an audit on the school’s transcript if the student abides by the attendance policy.

Costs for both for-credit and audited courses may be found on the Tuition and Fees page.

N.D.S. students who later wish to apply to the M.T.S. program should complete the process of admission for the M.T.S. program. Courses taken for credit at the Institute while in N.D.S. status may be transferred to the M.T.S. program by written request to the Registrar’s Office after the student is accepted to the degree program.