Master of Theological Studies: Marriage and Family (M.T.S.)

JPI 510/729

Theological Anthropology: History and Method

Beginning with an examination of the problem of anthropology in modernity, this course will examine the main theses of a theological anthropology which include: predestination (of Jesus Christ and of... More

JPI 511/731

Faith and American Culture

This course attempts a theological-ontological interpretation of American culture against the background, most immediately, of the Second Vatican Council and the pontificates of John Paul II and Benedict XVI.  The... More

JPI 517/817

Jesus Christ: Revealer of God and Man

This course seeks to give students an introduction to Christology that will help them to deepen their understanding of the Christocentric approach to anthropology that characterizes the pontificate of John... More

JPI 518/757

Theology of Mary and Communio Ecclesiology

This course deals with the theological significance of the Virgin Mary, which can only be understood if presented in the wide horizon of God's plan to recapitulate all things in... More

JPI 546/762

The Nuptial Mystery According to St. John

This course is an introduction to the theological doctrine of love (agape) offered by the Fourth Gospel. It imparts familiarity with the key words and concepts necessary to deepen John’s... More

JPI 548/748

Fundamental Moral Theology: Freedom and Human Action

This course takes up themes arising within fundamental moral theology. In what sense is moral theology really a theology? What role do desire, fulfillment, love, truth, beauty, and the invitation... More

JPI 549/752

Marriage and Virginity as States of Life

This course considers the concept of a “state of life” as a specification of the human vocation to love (Familiaris consortio, 11). The tradition has often stated that marriage and... More

JPI 550/850

Gender/The Sexual Difference

This course considers the question of gender/the sexual difference in terms of its theological and ontological foundations, and in light of issues raised regarding this question in the current cultural... More

JPI 553/763

Being as Gift: Philosophical Foundations

This course elucidates the constitutive elements of a metaphysics of love necessary to undergird John Paul II’s nuptial anthropology. John Paul’s II anthropology, to which his interpretation of Gaudium et... More

JPI 554/764

Catechesis on Human Love

This course studies John Paul II’s Man and Woman He Created Them: A Theology of the Body —his “Wednesday catecheses”—through a reading of the text and a discussion of his... More

JPI 555/716

Encyclicals of John Paul II

The aim of this course is to familiarize students with the theological vision of John Paul II as embodied in his Encyclical Letters. The course begins with an overview of... More

JPI 568/768

Revelation, Scripture, and the Nature of Exegesis

Dei verbum teaches that Scripture is the “soul of theology,” thus showing its fundamental importance to the theological endeavor. This course will operate along two major thematic lines: the text... More

JPI 570/838

Sexual Ethics and the Person

This course will study the personal character and meaning of the body as a foundation for sexual ethics. Starting with the specificity of the moral point of view, the course... More

JPI 605/839

Issues in Psychological and Neurological Science:  Marriage, Family, and the Sexual Difference

Pope John Paul II stated, “Only a Christian anthropology, enriched by the contribution of indisputable scientific data, including that of modern psychology and psychiatry, can offer a complete and thus... More

JPI 620/813

Communio Personarum: The Triune God

This course seeks to account for the understanding of God as a communion of persons that is foundational for John Paul II’s anthropology and nuptial sacramental theology. God reveals himself... More

JPI 623/853

Mystery of the Church

John Paul II maintained that Jesus, in his final prayer (Jn 17), drew the complete picture of the interpersonal ecclesial relations which originate in Him and in the Trinity. He... More

JPI 634/826

Sacrament of Marriage

The Sacrament of Marriage is a privileged point of contact between nature and grace. Christ did not establish a new "outward sign" or a new form for entering into marriage.... More

JPI 635/846

Marriage and Canon Law

The purpose of this course is to explore the canonical profile of marriage articulated in the 1983 Code of Canon Law in light of a nuptial sacramental theology and the... More

JPI 662/862

Modernity and Humanism

This course examines, from a philosophical perspective, the dynamics of the process of modernization that has continued from the late Middle Ages to today in Western culture and is making... More

JPI 668/868

Law, Family, and the Person

This course closely examines the treatment of marriage, family, and the person, as well as the related issues of sexual difference, procreation, and biotechnology, under civil law. The course will... More

JPI 669/769

Science, Theology, and Ethics

The relationship between science and theology is a preoccupation of modern scientific and political culture with great stakes hanging in the balance.  Virtually everyone agrees that there is an essential... More

JPI 672/818

Bioethics and the Family

This course will address the development and content of Catholic bioethics. Issues to be discussed include reproductive technologies, embryo transfer, abortion, death and euthanasia, cloning, and stem cell research. (Fundamental... More

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