Humanum Academic Press

A project of the Pontifical John Paul II Institute in Washington, DC, Humanum Academic Press publishes contemporary reflections in metaphysics and philosophical and theological anthropology, drawn especially from the Catholic tradition. The focus is on works that deepen and appropriate the teaching of the Second Vatican Council or develop a theology and an anthropology of love in light of pivotal thinkers, including Karol Wojtyła/John Paul II, Joseph Ratzinger, Romano Guardini, and Hans Urs von Balthasar.

Books from this press consider what is fundamental to the human person, such as the relationship with God, the nature of human and divine love, the significance of the body, the family and social relations, the meaning of work and human action, technology, metaphysics, issues regarding the beginning and end of life, the meaning of the Church-world relation, and the Christian’s call in today’s world.

Humanum Academic Press


Scholars are encouraged to submit manuscripts that relate to themes of interest to Humanum Academic Press to be considered for publication.

See our Guidelines for Submission for instructions.

Current books include: