Campus Safety

The Catholic University of America provides a comprehensive fire safety program for the protection of the campus community, coordinating personnel, and electronic and mechanical systems.  All fire protection systems are regularly inspected and tested according to the District of Columbia Fire Code. The Catholic University of America ensures that appropriate prevention measures and response services are maintained.   Fire alarms in McGivney Hall are linked to the Department of Public Safety Communications Center, which monitors activity 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. All life safety systems including all fire alarms and fire sprinkler systems are tested on a regular schedule determined by the District of Columbia Fire Code regulations.  Annual safety inspections are conducted in addition to the independent testing of the alarm systems.

Unannounced fire drills are held annually in the fall for all academic/administrative buildings.  Instructions outlining what to do in case of a fire and building-specific emergency evacuation plans are posted in prominent locations. These procedures are reviewed during required orientation programs, follow-up safety sessions, and fire drill exercises.

For a fire alarm in McGivney Hall, move to the nearest safe exit. Gather at the northeast emergency siren-call pole.  Do not use elevators.  Those who cannot exit via the doors should move to the north or south side exit stairwells, informing someone of location, gaining attention via a window if possible, or calling (202) 319-5111 to let the Department of Public Safety know their location.

Campus Police

Information about campus police can be found at