Watch: Faculty Featured in “St. Joseph: Our Spiritual Father” Documentary

Dr. D. C. Schindler and Dr. Joseph Atkinson are featured in the new documentary, St. Joseph: Our Spiritual Father, produced by the Knights of Columbus.

Featuring interviews with leading experts and theologians, in addition to powerful first-hand testimonials, St. Joseph: Our Spiritual Father provides a glimpse into one of Church’s greatest saints — a figure whose spiritual fatherhood remains open to all of us.

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Beginning October 10, 2021, and running for six consecutive weeks, St. Joseph: Our Spiritual Father aired on ABC affiliates across the United States through a partnership with the Interfaith Broadcasting Commission. The film is now available to view online.

YouTube video

Documentary Description from the Knights of Columbus:

While the Gospel has not preserved any of his words, his actions have resounded through the ages. Joseph of Nazareth stands out as the model par excellence of Christian virtue, a brilliant example of obedience to God and trust in Divine Providence. His role as protector of families in the difficulties of life and Patron of the universal Church has never been more clearly needed. Now, in this Year of St. Joseph, the Church is seeking to deepen its understanding of the Guardian of Jesus and of the Holy Family.

“In St. Joseph, we see our mission and mandate. Guard the family. Guard the truth. He led through service and creative courage. So must we. It is the only way to overcome the hurdles facing our families, the Church and our culture.”
— Supreme Knight Patrick Kelly