Jonathan Bieler

Jonathan Bieler

Assistant Professor of Patrology and Systematic Theology

B.A. (Propädeutikum), Theology, University of Zürich.
M.A., Thomistic Theology, Dominican House of Studies, Washington D.C.
M.Th., University of Zürich
Dr. Theol., University of Zürich

Jonathan Bieler received his doctoral degree in theology at the University of Zürich (2017), with a dissertation in Patristics on the coherence of Maximus the Confessor’s thought, which is forthcoming at Brill (2019). He taught in the theological faculty at the University of Zürich and assisted the chair of Patristics with teaching and research. He collaborated in the production of a new critical edition of Theodoret of Cyrus’ Compendium haereticarum fabularum. He also works on the Scholastic period, especially Thomas Aquinas and Bonaventure and published articles on Thomas Aquinas, Maximus Confessor and Origen. In his work he is striving to combine the usage of historical-critical methods with faithfulness to the Church’s living tradition. He is currently engaged in research concerning sacramentality in the Church Fathers, especially Origen.

Select Publications

Der Einheitsbegriff als Kohärenzprinzip in der Theologie des Maximus Confessor. Eine Studie zu Ps-Dionysius-Rezeption, triplex via und analogem Weltbild bei Maximus Confessor, Brill 2019.

“Body and Soul Immovably Related: Considering an Aspect of Maximus the Confessor’s Concept of Analogy,” in: Studia Patristica LXXV, Leuven 2017.

“Maximus the Confessor on Christ's Human Will,” in Communio 43,1 (2016), 55-82.

“Origen on the Goodness of the Body,” in: Sacrality and Materiality: Locating Intersections, ed. by Giselbrecht, Rebecca and Kunz, Ralph, Göttingen 2016, 91-100.

“What Kind of ‘Proofs’ are Aquinas’s Demonstrations of God’s Existence?” In Analecta Hermeneutica 2 (2010), 1-14.

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