Mystery of the Church

Mystery of the Church

JPI 623/853
3 Credits

This course looks at the features of the Church which are confessed in the Creed: One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic. These are treated through the lens of the “communio ecclesiology” described in Lumen gentium. Embedded within the ecclesiological teaching of Vatican II are the following concepts and themes, which will be studied in depth throughout the course: “Sacrament,” “Mystery,” “Body of Christ,” “People of God,” the universal Church and the local Church, hierarchical communion (collegiality and papal primacy) within the Church, the nature and mission of the laity, the relation between the Catholic Church and other Churches, ecclesiastical communities, and religions, and finally, the nature of the interrelation between the Church and the world.

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Jonathan Bieler portrait

Jonathan Bieler

Assistant Professor of Patrology and Systematic Theology

Dr. Bieler received his doctoral degree in theology at the University of Zürich (2017), with a dissertation in Patristics on the coherence of Maximus the Confessor’s thought, which is published by Brill (2019). He taught in the theological faculty at the University of Zürich and assisted the chair of Patristics with teaching and research. In his work, he strives to combine the usage of historical-critical methods with faithfulness to the Church’s living tradition.

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