Domestic Church: Biblical Foundations

JPI 946

This course will critically examine the concept of the family as ecclesia domestica.  We will investigate its biblical and theological foundations to construct a well-grounded theology of the family which is currently lacking.  This requires the development of an adequate Scriptural hermeneutic (symoblic realism) and an analysis of the Old and New Testament texts showing a.) the family's role in salvation history; b.) its development in the early Church; and c.) the sudden reappearance of "domestic church" at Vatican II and its development in modern magisterial teaching.  Key themes:  creation; the Abrahamic family/covenant; Semitic categories of thought, family and the Hebraic cult; educative role; fulfillment in Christ and its relationship to baptism and eschatology.  The course concludes with an analysis of the problems of its modern appropriation.  Authors will include John Paul II, J. Ratzinger, Jeremias, de Lubac, Evdokimov, Kaplan, Lampe, Pedersen, von Rad, Schnackenburg, Rahner, and H. Wheeler Robinson.


Course Texts for Fall 2016

Joseph Atkinson, Biblical Theological Foundations of the Family: The Domestic Church. Washington, DC. CUA Press. 2014.

Associated Faculty

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