Dominion and Technē

Dominion and Technē

JPI 569/866
3 Credits

This course is essentially an exploration of the philosophical and theological meaning of work. In order to illuminate the meaning of work, we ponder the philosophical roots of dominion (God’s command to “subdue the earth”) and of technē (the root of technique, technology). The first part of the course attempts to unfold the classical understanding of work, and of the human hand, beginning with the Jewish, Greek, and Roman conceptions and then following their integration and transformation in Christian culture through a metaphysics of creation. The second half of the course considers the radical changes that the nature and the practice of work undergo in modernity and above all in the twentieth century and seeks to form a judgment about the current state of the matter from a Catholic perspective.

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DC Schindler portrait

D.C. Schindler

Professor of Metaphysics and Anthropology
Ph.D. Program Advisor

Dr. Schindler’s work is concerned above all with shedding light on contemporary cultural challenges and philosophical questions by drawing on the resources of the classical Christian tradition. His principal thematic focus is metaphysics and philosophical anthropology.

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