New Faculty Book: Rinascere: La memoria di Dio in una cultura tecnologica

Rev. Antonio López, F.S.C.B., Provost/Dean and associate professor of theology, has recently published a new book: Rinascere: La memoria di Dio in una cultura tecnologica.

Rinascere cover b

From the publisher:

Memory is not only linked to past events of our existence, not only tells us about ourselves and our lives. In the memory of those events, we can also trace their origin: the memory of God, that eternal source that shapes our lives and orders the pieces of our history. Our very identity is drawn from the memory that God has of us. “Remembering” therefore means to live the relationship that God offers us, the content of which is deeper love. In this book, in order to contribute to the recovery of the memory of God in contemporary culture, the author divides his argument into three steps. The first analyzes the technological vision of the world, which reduces everything to “making” and leaves no room for wonder or the contemplation of the origin of which we ourselves are a part, and which alone can give true dignity to the human person. The second, starting from the experience of children of divorced parents, investigates the mystery of our divine sonship. If the memory of this sonship is lost, so also our identity is lost, along with our relationship with the primary source that gives us existence, and therefore our life is devoid of all beauty. The third section reveals how the memory of God is far from a private event: it generates culture. God desires man’s creative collaboration, giving us the ability be surprised by the miracle of being and to rediscover the joy connected to the mystery of being born.