New Issue: Humanum Review – Tradition


We talk incessantly now about identities. But built as they are upon the ruins of our actual selves, the ones embedded in given natural (and supernatural) bonds, we have ceased to have any identity at all. Living in the tiny crawl spaces of our own wills, shut off from anything outside their artificial boundaries, our individuality is wiped out. But if we are still alive and kicking it is because we subsist on the remnant vapors of Tradition with a capital “T,” that heritage of truth that originates in God’s creative Word. It is also because that same Word, mercifully handed over to us in the flesh of the Church, invites us back to our very selves.

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Table of Contents

Feature Articles
Mary Catherine Levri: Creativity and Tradition: A Framework for Sacred Music
José Granados DCJM: Newman against Progressivism and Traditionalism
Mark Milosch: Tradition: Pieper, the Underground Man, and Us
Terence Sweeney: Owning the Future: Between Genealogy and Tradition
Carlo Lancellotti: The Idea of Tradition in Del Noce

Maruška Healy: “A Time to Plant”: Traditions in the Home

Re-Source: Classic Texts
Josef Pieper: Tradition-less Philosophy, Tradition-less Humanity

Book Reviews
Apolonio Latar III: Being in Love with Everything: The Unique Life and Thought of Albacete
Michael Hanby: Will the Thread be Unbroken?