New Faculty Article: “Are We Postliberal Yet?”

Dr. Michael Hanby, Associate Professor of Religion and Philosophy of Science, published an article in New Polity titled, “Are We Postliberal Yet?”

His article begins with the following claim:

The deepest problems with our political order are not themselves political but metaphysical and theological. Political order and political philosophy always presuppose natural philosophy, metaphysics, even theology. …
Liberal order, whether in its classical 18th-century form or its technocratic 21st-century form, is premised upon what Charles Péguy called “a mystical disaster”—also a metaphysical disaster— coincident with the invention of “the secular” as a kind of ontological tabula rasa, a blank field of mere power relations indifferent to divine presence, forming both the all-encompassing backdrop for the unfolding of history and the horizon beyond which we can no longer see or think.

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