Associate Attorney, Penner and Purves (Santa Barbara, CA)

Associate Attorney, Penner and Purves (Santa Barbara, CA)

The law firm of Penner & Purves, located in Santa Barbara, California, is currently seeking job candidates for a full-time Associate Attorney position.
Specifically, but not exclusively, our firm is looking for recent law school graduates or candidates who have recently taken and/or passed the California bar exam. Note that we are willing to engage an initial hire as a 6+ month paralegal pending California bar exam results and licensing. In that event, our Employment Contract would state that the paralegal position would transition to Associate Attorney upon the candidate’s receiving a license from the bar.
This opportunity for professional growth and development is tailored to place the utmost value on you as a member of our team. Indeed, this Associate Attorney position is expressly designed for a small law firm that is looking for future partial owners of our firm. Think about these questions before applying with us: Who do you want to be? Do you intend for your work to be a part of your vocation? Do you want to work for a cause that has a bigger purpose than making money? What kind of law firm would you want to shape if you had the capacity to shape a law firm where you would be one of the business owners?

The first thing that every job candidate should know is that our law firm offers:
(1) The highest salaries for equivalent positions within the legal community for our area;
(2) Fully paid health insurance for you, your spouse, and your family if you are a full-time employee;
(3) At least twenty-seven paid days off in your first year (including holidays);
(4) Generous matching contributions for a 401(k) retirement plan;
(5) Paid training and education in professional development and personal growth;
(6) Complimentary YMCA gym membership; and
(7) Regular Socratic dialogue hours designed to sharpen your reasoning skills as a committed member of the legal profession.

The second thing you should know is that we are looking for a candidate who can be described as follows:

❖ A highly-motivated, goal-driven planner with a clear vision for the future.
❖ A positive, enthusiastic, self-starter who is capable of learning systems, following established systems independently, and reasoning from a set of principles and values to
apply our firm’s style of solutions to client problems.
❖ A self-aware problem-solver who understands the importance of the chain-of-command, of authority, of procedure, and of not reinventing the wheel.
❖ Someone who is willing to stay at work late until the job is done, and who can commit to working occasional weekends or nights when needed to meet important deadlines.
❖ Someone who is well-rounded, not a workaholic, and who has a life outside of the law office involving important commitments other than work.
❖ A team member who is driven, who doesn’t need or want micromanaging, who is not afraid of making mistakes, and who won’t simply wait for the next job assignment but
will instead proactively find the most important work to be accomplished.
❖ A team member who does not believe in busywork or overuse of technology and who understands how to use email so as to decrease rather than increase the sheer number of
emails needed in the workplace.
❖ Someone who exudes a positive attitude and is grateful for the opportunity to transform the lives of our clients for the better. Our ideal candidates accept responsibility for their
mistakes, love what they do, and are committed to our law firm’s core values.
❖ We are looking for someone who is either classically educated, or who understands what a classical education is and is willing to make the effort to start acquiring one.

For a full job description and instructions for application, please click here.