Seeking 1 Male Roommate

I am a newly accepted student at the Pontifical JP II Institute in DC. I just signed a lease (Aug. 24, 2023 – May 31, 2024) to rent a fully-furnished, studio-style room beautifully built on the second floor of a barn (1st floor is a woodshop that we can use). The Landlord has agreed to allow me to search for a roommate in order to split the rent. Rent, if split, will be $450/mo (plus utilities). The barn is adjacent to a separate, neighboring house occupied by 2 women (CUA students) with whom we split the utilities. Parking is on the street – the Landlord says he hasn’t heard of any incidents. There is room in the barn to store bicycles on the 1st floor. The location is about 10min from CUA/the Basilica/the JP II Institute. As a last thing, I will also likely be bringing my small dog (Bichon Frise) who will be living in the barn as well.

Based on what I have seen, this is a great price and area for a man who is comfortable sharing their living space. Please email me if you are interested: Dixon at [email protected].