Truth & Freedom in the Theology of Benedict XVI and Balthasar

Truth & Freedom in the Theology of Benedict XVI and Balthasar

JPI 960
3 Credits

This course aims to familiarize students with the theological anthropology of Joseph Ratzinger/Benedict XVI and Hans Urs von Balthasar. In dialogue with the modern concept of freedom, both authors seek to develop a renewed understanding of freedom’s “essential and constitutive relationship to truth” (Veritatis splendor, 4). The key to this development is an ontological and ultimately trinitarian conception of the personal or dramatic meaning of truth. Readings include: J. Ratzinger/Benedict XVI, Introduction to Christianity; Truth and Tolerance; Without Roots; Deus caritas est; Spe salvi; H.U. von Balthasar, Theo-Logic, I-III; Theo-Drama, II; Epilogue; “On the Tasks of Catholic Philosophy in Our Time.”

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Nicholas Healy portrait

Nicholas Healy

Associate Professor of Philosophy and Culture
M.T.S. Program Advisor

Dr. Healy teaches and writes in the area of metaphysics, theological anthropology, and sacramental theology. Since 2002 he has served as an editor of the North American edition of Communio: International Catholic Review. He is a founding member of the Academy of Catholic Theology.

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