Symbolic Ontology and Practical Reason

Symbolic Ontology and Practical Reason

JPI 966
3 Credits

This course will take a close look at the constitution of practical reason and its relationship to physicality and, in particular, the body. This will require a review of texts dealing with a cluster of knotty themes: the constitution of practical reason; the role/meaning of form and matter; the real and the symbolic; the relation between cosmos and person; personal and biological aspects of physicality and the body; subjectivity and objectivity. Readings drawn from Plato, Aristotle (De Anima, Nicomachean Ethics), Aquinas, Hume, Kant (Groundwork of the Metaphysics of Morals, Critique of Practical Reason), de Lubac (Corpus Mysticum), von Balthasar, John Paul II (Man and Woman He Created Them).

Selected Texts


David S. Crawford portrait

David S. Crawford

Associate Professor of Moral Theology and Family Law

Dr. Crawford’s teaching spans the areas of moral theology and philosophical ethics, the theological and philosophical anthropology of marriage and family, and legal and political philosophy. His publications address human action, natural law, homosexuality, “gender identity,” and the anthropological implications of modern civil law.

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