Creation: Nature and Life

Creation: Nature and Life

JPI 666
3 Credits

This course will deal with the philosophical foundations needed for a correct understanding of the phenomenon of life. What is organic life and how can we recognize its presence? In what does its novelty consist with respect to the material world? How does an organism differ from a machine? How essential are theology and the doctrine of creation to the adjudication of these questions? By analyzing these and similar questions, the course will provide the adequate philosophical basis needed for dealing with the ethical problems posed by biotechnology.

Selected Texts


Michael Hanby portrait

Michael Hanby

Associate Professor of Religion and Philosophy of Science

Dr. Hanby is author of No God, No Science?: Theology, Cosmology, Biology (Wiley-Blackwell 2013) which reassesses the relationship between the doctrine of creation, Darwinian evolutionary biology, and science more generally. He is also author of Augustine and Modernity (Routledge 2003).

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