Academic and Career Advising

Academic Advising

The Program Advisors for each degree bear primary responsibility for advising students about their course work and other degree requirements. The Program Advisors are available prior to registration for consultation with M.T.S., S.T.L., and S.T.D. students who require guidance in the selection of courses. Ph.D. students in the second or third year should consult their personal advisors to discuss the selection of their courses, which must also be approved by the Program Advisor (regarding personal advisors, see the section entitled "Advising" in the description of the Ph.D. degree program under "Academics" in the homepage menu bar).

Other faculty members are available to offer academic and career advice to students according to their own experience and fields of interest. 

Post-Graduation Employment Assistance

Institute graduates enter a variety of careers involving education and the pastoral care of families.  Some graduates begin careers in theological education, research, and publication in positions at seminaries, colleges, and secondary schools.  Others assume leadership positions in parishes and dioceses, as directors of religious education, family life offices, and pro-life offices.  Institute graduates have also taken positions in health care, public interest and affairs organizations, and government.  

The Institute endeavors to help its students and graduates to find professional options by posting information about job opportunities. In addition, the Institute stays in contact with Institute alumni, who may know of positions in their areas of employment. The faculty of the Institute maintains a special interest in the professional development of students attending the Institute, and faculty members are available to provide career guidance. Students are encouraged to seek faculty guidance to develop a well-defined sense of their interests, abilities, and vocation. The jobs taken by Institute graduates reflect not only the diverse interests and backgrounds of those studying at the Institute but also the variety of opportunities open to Institute alumni.

Please visit our Job Postings page for current career opportunities.