COVID-19 Policies

The John Paul II Institute continues to keep abreast of local conditions relating to Covid-19 and to cooperate with relevant local health regulations. At this time, neither face coverings nor Covid vaccination are required for participation in Institute courses or events.

Covid Case Reporting

Members of the Institute community are asked to be attentive to any Covid-related symptoms and to stay home if they are ill.

Any member of the Institute community who receives a positive result on a Covid test is asked to report these results to the Associate Dean ([email protected]). After a reported positive test, Institute staff will conduct an initial trace of possible direct contacts with the person in question.  We are required to report positive cases to the D.C. Department of Health (DCDOH).

Remote Learning

If a student needs to quarantine or isolate because of Covid, it will be possible to participate in classes remotely. We strongly encourage students to continue following their courses, health permitting, while quarantined. 

Students who need to participate remotely should contact the Associate Dean ([email protected]) to request the course Zoom link. These requests must be received at least 1 hour prior to the beginning of class in order to be honored.

Attendance Policy

For students who are not diagnosed with Covid-19, the regular attendance policy will stand as usual: one absence is allowed; with two absences, a student must meet with the Program Advisor to request permission to remain in the course; and after three absences, the student will have to repeat the course in another semester.

Attendance in person and attendance online (for Covid-related reasons) via the classroom technology are considered equivalent for the purposes of this policy. Students who are under isolation are encouraged to attend class remotely as long as their health permits. For students who become ill and are not attending class in person or remotely, the two-absence limit may be extended on a case-by-case basis.