Faith, the Fundamental Act of Christian Existence

November 15-16, 2013


Rev. Brian Daley: Faith, the Fundamental Act of Christian Existence


Rev. Carlo Lorenzo Rossetti & Rev. Paolo Prosperi: Believing, Seeing, and Knowing the Mystery of God

  • Rev. Carlo Lorenzo Rossetti begins at 04:21.
  • Rev. Paolo Prosperi begins at 39:58.


Dr. Emmanuel Tourpe and Dr. D.C. Schindler: Faith, the Fulfillment of Reason

  • Dr. Emmanuel Tourpe begins "I'm thought, therefore I think. I'm loved, therefore I love." at 01:42.
  • Dr. David C. Schindler begins "On Reason's Authority" at 33:06.


Rev. Antonio Lopez & Dr. Joseph Atkinson: The Church's Faith

  • Rev. Antonio Lopez begins "Blessed is She Who Believed: Mary's Faith & the Form of Christian Existence" at 00:50.
  • Dr. Joseph Atkinson begins "The Somatic Structure of Faith: The Family as Domestic Church" at 34:08.


Dr. Michael Hanby & Dr. Carlo Lancellotti: The Encounter of Faith and Science

  • Dr. Michael Hanby begins at 05:22.
  • Dr. Carlo Lancellotti begins "The Encounter of Faith & Science" at 41:55.