Meaning and Purpose in Medicine

October 6-7, 2017

Session 1: The Foundations of Medicine (video)

"Western Medicine: Christian Roots, Uncertain Future" - Michael Hanby, PhD
"Foundation of Medicine: the Case of Mayo Clinic and St. Mary's Hospital" - Allen Aksamit, MD


Session 2: The Modern State of Medicine - Missing the Mark (video)

"Medicine, Persons, and the Technological Imperative" - David Crawford, JD, STD
"Cases of Medicine Falling off the Rails" - Andrew Majka, MD


Session 3: Health Professionals Facing Difficulties (video)

"The Medical Art and the Paradox of Love" - Fr. Antonio Lopez, PhD
"Coping with Burnout" - Timothy Aksamit, MD


Session 4: Restoring Meaning in Medicine (video)

"Meaning and Transcendence in Medicine" - Michael Hanby, PhD
"Vocation in Medicine - A Solution to Support a Sustained Medical Career" - Dennis Manning, MD