The Book

Enjoy one of the best discussions of John Paul II's "theology of the body". . . .

"Christianity has long been regarded as viewing the body as a threat to a person's spiritual nature and denying its sexual dimension. In 1979, Pope John Paul II departed from this alleged dichotomy and offered an integrated vision of the human body and soul. In a series of talks that became known as the “theology of the body,' he explained the divine meaning of human sexuality and why the body provides answers to fundamental questions about our lives.

In Called to Love, Carl Anderson, chairman of the world's largest Catholic service organization, and Fr. José Granados discuss the philosophical and religious significance of the theology of the body in language at one poetic and profound. As they explain, the body speaks of God, it reveals His goodness, and it also speaks of men and women and their vocation to love. Called to Love brings to life the tremendous gift John Paul II bestowed on humanity and gives readers a new understanding of the Christian way of love and how to embrace it fully in their lives." —from Called to Love, inside cover

"The presentation by Carl Anderson and Father José Granados is clear and engaging—accessible without sacrificing depth. It succeeds in putting 'the theology of the body' in the truly profound and comprehensive way intended by John Paul II. This book shows how for the late Pope the body bears a new vision of man—or better, a new vision of reality rooted in the personal: the body is an anticipatory sign, and already an expression, of the order of love that best characterized the meaning of the person."

—David L. Schindler, Dean Emeritus of the Pontifical John Paul II Institute for Studies on Marriage and Family