The Called to Love Initiative

The Called to Love Initiative belongs to one of the main projects of the Office of Cultural and Pastoral Formation: Called to Love: Person, Body, and the Civilization of Love. The larger project aims to promote the “anthropology of love” (“theology of the body”) developed in the pontificates of John Paul II and Benedict XVI in light of the Second Vatican Council and of the whole of the Catholic tradition. In a word, that anthropology is the recognition of what the Incarnation of Jesus Christ makes clear: the human person’s very being is rooted in the gift of love and that his fulfillment lies in a positive response to it. That the person is embodied always as either male or female is the expression of this anthropology of communion.

The Called to Love Initiative, more specifically, is pastoral in nature. Taking up the Church’s call for a “new evangelization,” it calls Christians back to a deeper knowledge of who they are and what they are made for through educational resources which illuminate the anthropology of love. The resources themselves would be intended primarily for people who are a stable presence in a place of education (a parish, a school, a university, etc.). Presupposing this stable presence, as well as a personal commitment to the deepest human questions, the resources aim at assisting those people, not substituting them (with “user’s manuals” or packaged techniques).

For more information, please contact:

Nick J. Bagileo, Executive Director of the OCPF