Various Positions, St. Michael Catholic School (Annandale, VA)

Various Positions, St. Michael Catholic School (Annandale, VA)

Open positions include: 

Middle School Honors Math Teacher

Middle School Science & Math Teacher

Primary Grade Teachers

Saint Michael Catholic School provides a Christ-centered learning environment that embraces students as a diversified group and individual learners. A variety of techniques and skills are utilized to educate the whole child. Students learn through direct instruction, everyday experiences, study, and understanding and applying learned concepts. Differentiated instruction provides for all learning styles and utilizes the levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy. Direct instruction is enhanced through partner work, cooperative learning, small groups, independent projects, technology, cross-curricular activities, labs, and kinesthetic/ hands on activities. Students engage in critical thinking to problem solve and demonstrate comprehension of concepts through various formats and assessments, ordering and re-organizing information in ways that will help the individual retain and apply his/her knowledge.

Our integrated language arts program provides each student with the opportunities to practice oral, dramatic, and written forms of expression across the curriculum. Students convey ideas through speech, drama, music, and art, as well as through poetry, and other writing forms.

Students are encouraged to develop a love for religion, language arts, social studies, science, fine arts, and mathematics. They are challenged to set high goals that will enable them to reach their potential and become life-long learners with the character, skills, and knowledge to be productive citizens. Our goal is to produce informed, skilled, and independent thinking members of society who are grounded in the Truth.

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