Middle School Teacher, The Summit Academy (Fredericksburg, VA)

Middle School Teacher, The Summit Academy (Fredericksburg, VA)

The Summit Academy seeks additional middle school instructors for the 2024-25 academic school year.

A Classical Education Seeks Understanding and Elevates Culture
As an institution that is committed to providing a Catholic classical education, we seek candidates who possess a deep understanding of the Liberal Arts and a belief that the
ultimate objective of education is to form students who come to appreciate how learning reveals the beauty and order of creation and informs their calling to know and serve Christ.

At the core, a school is a community, and leaders are tasked with fostering a healthy learning culture. When we make hiring decisions, we are most interested in bringing in men and women who are interested in becoming members of a community that is warm, prioritizes wisdom, and develops young people to pursue what is true, good, and beautiful.

Job Description
As a liberal arts school, our faculty culture is richly interdisciplinary. The ideal candidate will be well suited to instruct students in a range of subjects. We are seeking a versatile
teacher that would be equipped to provide instruction in the following areas: literature and grammar, science, history, and theology. Our preference is to hire someone who has taken coursework in philosophy. Candidates with a background in classical languages are of particular interest and should be sure to note any relevant experience or training.

Our faculty serve not only as teachers, but mentors. They are tasked with modeling an active faith as they guide students through course work as well as an array of activities
including, athletics, various outdoor programs and retreats, field trips and service projects. Experience in coaching or a previous background playing scholastic or collegiate athletics
is strongly preferred.

Duties and Responsibilities:
• Inspire a love of learning in students through teaching four preps, an elective prep and act as a mentor/ role model.
• Plan, prepare, and deliver lesson plans and instruction using various teaching methods.
• Work with students to encourage and facilitate each individual’s growth.
• Prepare lesson plans following curriculum guidelines and requirements.
• Teach the assigned curriculum using different instructional methods.
• Establish and communicate clear objectives for all learning activities by integrating competencies and goals into the lesson plans.
• Correct assignments, administer tests, observe and evaluate students’ progress.
• Meet with the parents to discuss student progress and challenges.
• Advise students by developing meaningful relationships with them and supporting their academic and personal growth.
• Participate in faculty and professional meetings.

• Perform all other duties as assigned.

Education and Background
• Minimum Bachelor’s degree
• Master’s degree reflected in compensation
• Two years of teaching experience preferred, with exceptions granted for outstanding candidates who demonstrate a record of effective leadership in a relevant field of work.
• Most essentially, the applicant must also possess a love of teaching and a passion for mentoring and a desire to continue in their own learning

Interested applicants should send a cover letter, resume, and CV by June 1, 2024, to Julian Malcolm at [email protected] or mail them to:
The Summit Academy
7124 Salem Fields Blvd. PMB # 157
Fredericksburg, VA 22407