Marketing and Communications Manager, Thomistic Institute (Washington, DC)

Marketing and Communications Manager, Thomistic Institute (Washington, DC)

The Thomistic Institute has experienced very rapid growth in the reach of its digital offerings (recorded lectures, podcast, YouTube) over the past two years, coupled with a significant expansion of its mailing list. We are now looking to hire a proven and experienced Marketing and Communications Manager, who will be charged with principal responsibility for developing the Thomistic Institute’s marketing and communications strategy, promoting TI events and digital programs (like Aquinas 101), and supporting and collaborating with the TI’s event planning and fundraising staff.

The Marketing and Communications Manager works full-time and in-person at the Dominican House of Studies in Washington, D.C. 

The position’s responsibilities include: 

  • Developing and executing the Thomistic Institute’s marketing and communications strategy. 
    • A key task will be developing new strategies and techniques for deploying the TI’s automated email marketing software (Pardot) as it integrates with our website and our Salesforce database, and serving as the lead TI administrator for Pardot and other marketing and communications platforms. 
  • Managing and overseeing all Thomistic Institute marketing and communications activity, including:  
    • the promotion of Thomistic Institute digital content (Aquinas 101 and other YouTube programming, recorded lectures, podcasts), and
    • the promotion of Thomistic Institute events and conferences.

This includes working with other TI staff to devise engagement strategies for the TI’s various audiences, managing the organization’s communications calendar, preparing advertising materials for events and digital content, generating marketing emails,  collaborating with staff on meeting their outreach goal, coaching staff on best practices, writing press releases, and serving as the organization’s first point-of-contact with the press.

  • Overseeing the Thomistic Institute’s social media accounts and digital advertising. While most social media posting is handled by an external contractor, the Marketing and Communications Manager oversees the external contractor’s work, and develops strategies to increase the TI’s reach on these platforms.
  • Managing the Thomistic Institute’s branding and its websites.
  • Supporting and collaborating with our Lead Development Officer to produce the Thomistic Institute’s annual report, generating marketing materials for current and potential benefactors, and supervising the production of newsletters and other publications as needed.
  • Supporting and collaborating with the Aquinas 101 Producer and other TI staff in the creation of the TI’s digital programs (like Aquinas 101 and our TI podcast). For example, the Marketing and Communications Manager may review scripts, generate animation ideas for episode storyboards, and review the work of external animators and video editors during the production and post-production process.
  • Coordinating the filming (and subsequent posting on YouTube) of select Thomistic Institute lectures and events.
  • Managing outside contractors and vendors related to marketing and communications projects.

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