Executive Director, Cornelii Literarum Institutum et Sapientiae (Ithaca, NY)

Executive Director, Cornelii Literarum Institutum et Sapientiae (Ithaca, NY)

The Board of Directors of COLLIS [CorneLii Literarum Institutum et Sapientiae]–an institute that aims to develop Catholic thought, culture, and community at Cornell University–seeks an Executive Director to bring the Catholic intellectual tradition to the secular university, enriching students, faculty, and community members of all faith traditions and none.
This is a new venture, and the Executive Director will need considerable initiative to build awareness of and enthusiasm for COLLIS programming. The Executive Director will be expected to collaborate with on-campus and off-campus partners to integrate the institute into the local community, as well as the broader landscape of sister institutes at other major universities (e.g., Lumen Christi at Chicago, Collegium at Penn).

Responsibilities include:

  • Building the vision for and implementing the activities of the Institute, initially focusing on three main areas: Science and Religion, Faith and Reason, and Sacred Music and the Arts. The visioning activity will be done in collaboration with a core group of faculty on campus; implementation is the primary responsibility of the Executive Director.
  • Designing and pursuing a comprehensive financial development program, with the aim of raising $5 million over a three year period for an endowment and new projects.
  • Developing the necessary legal and administrative infrastructure for the institute.
  •  Overseeing the implementation of the programs, which includes appointing and managing support staff.

Qualifications include:

  • Practicing Catholic, strongly committed to faithful intellectual engagement with Catholic thought and culture. A diocesan Affidavit of Suitability will be required for appointment.
  • Masters degree in a relevant field (PhD or ABD preferred), together with sufficient knowledge of Catholic theology, history, and culture to develop programs that engage the Catholic tradition with the academy, the professions, and the arts.
  • Ability to interact with others effectively in both academic (non-sectarian) and ecclesial environments, as well as in the local context (Ithaca, NY).
  • Ability to work with and inspire teams to implement projects.
  • Experience in fundraising, especially in university settings.
  • Excellent writing and communications skills; enough technological skills to support A/V, media, and communications.
  • Desirable: Experience working in ecumenical, multi-faith, and/or secular environments; Experience with one or more Catholic institutes at other universities.

Please click here for more information. Applications requested in the next two weeks.

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