Director of Youth and Young Adult Ministries, Diocese of Grand Rapids, MI

Director of Youth and Young Adult Ministries, Diocese of Grand Rapids, MI

Posted: May 10, 2022

The position leads a broad-based ministry to assist parishes, parish youth and young adult ministry leaders, and diocesan secondary schools in the design and collaborative implementation of quality youth, and young adult ministry programs. Responsible to coordinate a strong faith-filled ministry aimed at providing programs to help engage the youth and young adults of the diocese with the opportunity to grow in their Catholic faith, experience Catholic community and establish a strong Catholic identity.

• Develop vibrant programming that will lead youth and young adults to a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ.
• Promote the visions and collaborative ministry proposed in the Church’s documents related to Youth and Young Adult Ministry.
• Work collaboratively with clergy, youth and young adult ministry teams, parish staff members, and laity to create, develop, and evaluate youth ministry programs at the parish, school, and diocesan levels.
• Foster an environment of leadership, knowledge sharing, proactive involvement, training and support.
• Advocate for youth and young adults and minister to this group with clergy, parish staff, and parishioners.
• Provide and promote diocesan-wide opportunities for youth and young adults to gather, pray, and celebrate. Evaluate success and continuously improve.
• Recognize the diverse cultural, developmental, and spiritual needs and perspectives of youth and young adults in programming.
• Develop programs, training, and recruitment resources to support the development of youth ministers and volunteers.
• Coordinate diocesan involvement in regional, national, and international events (e.g., March for Life, NCYC, World Youth Day, etc.).
• Champion Safe Environment practices in programming and engagement.

• Utilize social media platforms to connect with youth and young adults.
• Provide resources for effective promotion of programming and evangelization.
• Identify with and support parish youth ministers by establishing relational mentoring through proactive regular parish visitations and communication.
• Develop close communication with and mutual support from families of youth and young adults.
• Build local networks for Youth and Young Adult Ministry using deanery structure and connections.

• Prepare and monitor annual budget for the Youth and Young Adult Ministries department.

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