Associate Director for Processing Operations, Office of Migration and Refugee Services, USCCB (Washington, DC)

Associate Director for Processing Operations, Office of Migration and Refugee Services, USCCB (Washington, DC)

The Associate Director, Processing Operations leads, guides, coordinates, and facilitates all functions and activities undertaken by the Processing Operations segment under the Reception and Placement (R&P) refugee resettlement program. The position oversees USCCB’s pre-arrival processing, family reunification, and Remote Placement program. Oversees the development of new placement locations including the opening of new affiliate offices and community partnerships. Provides day-to-day management of the processing team. Demonstrates willingness and ability to understand, respect and contribute to the USCCB mission and to fulfill job duties in accordance with its Catholic identity.

Leads the Processing Operations Segment

· Provides overall guidance, leadership, and professional development to segment staff,

· Ensures periodic in-service training programs for segment staff, diocesan resettlement directors and other MRS staff are provided.

· Manages the workloads of segment staff and delegates work assignments as necessary.

Develops and Executes Processing Plans and Procedures

· Creates annual consolidated placement plans for refugee/SIV case placements across USCCB’s affiliate network; monitors and manages individual affiliate capacity, case placements, and actual arrivals within the R&P program.

· Monitors external and internal trends affecting the development of case placement plans.

· Oversees processing and placement operations to ensure that case processing and case placement strategies are effective and appropriate.

· Oversees development of and analysis of case placement and arrival trends.

· Develops policies and procedures and training pertaining to Processing Operations.

· Assesses the annual Report to Congress for refugee admissions to develop comprehensive guidance regarding annual admissions, case eligibility within the USRAP, Affidavit of Relationship (AOR) filing procedures, and USCCB placement needs, for dissemination to affiliates and USCCB resettlement staff.

· Oversees the development and execution of affiliate Placement Assessment surveys. · Leads in updating PRM on all R&P projection increases and decreases, notifying governmental partners of adjustments in the annual consolidated placement plan. 

Collaborates with External Partners 

· Leads USCCB’s affiliate expansion efforts, using data to inform outreach and engagement. 

· Liaises with other resettlement agencies on processing-related policy or procedural issues of mutual concern.

 · Liaises with PRM regarding case-specific issues and/or processing operations. 

· Represents USCCB/MRS within related refugee networks as required (conferences seminars, technical working groups). Ensures effective Information, Communications and Technological Systems are in place for network processing operations: 

· Coordinates with USCCB IT staff on database modifications required by funding agencies or designed to streamline resettlement activities. 

Education Level: Undergraduate degree required. Graduate degree preferred.

Major Field/Specialty: Public/Business Administration, Public Policy, Computer Technology, Social Sciences or related fields

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