Priesthood, Consecration, Marriage: Is Love Possible?

November 3, 2018 (9:00am - 3:30pm)
Keane Auditorium, McGivney Hall

The Pontifical John Paul II Institute invites you to a symposium on November 3, 2018: "Priesthood, Consecration, Marriage: Is Love Possible?"

In many respects, the Church and her members are now at a point of crisis. Yet, “crisis” (krisis) in its original meaning is a decisive “turning point” as well as a moment of clarification. It implies both the suffering and travail of the moment and the promise of a new birth. Both in the culture and in the Church, the point on which this moment of crisis turns is at least in part forgetfulness of the created structure of the person, man and woman, in God’s love, the nature of God’s call, and the modes of its realization in the vowed states of life—priesthood, consecration, marriage. What are the sources of our current disenchantment with these states of Christian life? Can we still live the priesthood, consecrated virginity, and marriage in fidelity and truthfulness? Can we somehow rediscover their roots in love? What might allow us to suffer through the travail that always precedes fruitfulness?



Video recordings from this event can be found here.



The Challenge of Fatherhood: Priesthood Revisited

  • Rev. Antonio López (Provost/Dean, John Paul II Institute): “Life and Spirit of the Catholic Priest and their Contemporary Challenges”
  • Rev. Carter Griffin (Vice Rector, St. John Paul II Seminary): “Integral Human Formation of the Priest: The Contribution of John Paul II”
10:45-11:00  Break

Consecrated Love for the Life of the World

  • Rev. Paolo Prosperi (Professor, John Paul II Institute): “Celibacy for the Kingdom of God and Human Affective Fulfillment”
  • Mother M. Maximilia Um, FSGM (Provincial Superior, Sisters of St. Francis of the Martyr St. George): “Religious Life and the Call to Love”
12:45-1:45  Lunch

As Christ Loved the Church

  • Dr. Nicholas Healy (Professor, John Paul II Institute) “Nuptial Love: Marriage, Priesthood, and the Sincere Gift of Self”
  • Dr. Jeanne H. Schindler (Senior Fellow, John Paul II Institute): “Educating to Love”


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