Healing or Human Enhancement? The Future of Medicine

April 17, 2015 — April 18, 2015

The Center for Cultural and Pastoral Research will host a symposium on April 17-18, 2015, under the title "Healing or Human Enhancement? The Future of Medicine."

Medicine, by almost all accounts, faces an uncertain future. There are the skyrocketing costs and the regulatory concerns that have plagued medicine for years. There are the many changes brought about by the Affordable Care Act. Yet more fundamentally, rapid technological and biomedical advances, though they hold out great diagnostic and therapeutic promise, have put the very nature and end of medicine in question. Is the goal of medicine the traditional end of human healing, or is it the new ‘posthuman’ goal of human enhancement? Is this distinction sustainable?

This symposium will discuss the profound questions surrounding the new possibilities not only for healing but also for so-called human "enhancement" by exploring the effect these have on our expectation of health and the practice of contemporary medicine.

Please visit the CCPR's website for a complete schedule of the event and registration materials.

Physicians attending the symposium may claim Continuing Medical Education credits. Please see the CCPR site for details.

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