Evening Course: Law, Family and the Person

January 11, 2022 — April 26, 2022 (5:30pm - 7:30pm)

Non-degree seeking students and auditors are invited to join us for evening course with our Dean, Dr. David Crawford, on Law, Family & the Person. This course closely examines the treatment of marriage, family, and the person, as well as the related issues of sexual difference, procreation, and biotechnology, under civil law.

Selected Texts:

• St. Thomas, Treatise on Law (Hackett, 2000)
• The Roots of Political Philosophy: Ten Forgotten Socratic Dialogues, ed. Thomas L. Pangle (Ithaca, NY: Cornell University, 1987)
• H.L.A. Hart, The Concept of Law (Oxford University Press: any edition)

Do not miss the application deadline, January 5th! You may apply online or download an application and send it with supporting documents to the Office of Admissions.

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If you have questions please contact information@johnpaulii.edu.

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