Dobbs v. Jackson and the Culture of Life

August 27, 2022 (9:00am - 12:00pm)
Saint John Paul II National Shrine (3900 Harewood Road, NE)

The Supreme Court’s decision this summer to overturn Roe v. Wade, and thus to do away with federal protection of abortion as a fundamental right, came as a shock to many. The decision, Dobbs v. Jackson, has provoked responses from joy and relief to outrage and even violence. But it is also becoming clear that many Americans are unaware of exactly what Roe, along with the important 1992 decision Planned Parenthood v. Casey, actually held, and thus are uncertain about what the consequences of Dobbs for abortion law in the United States will be.

On August 27, 2022, the John Paul II Institute is hosting a panel discussion of the Dobbs decision to help Catholics to “read the signs of the times and interpret them in the light of the Gospel” (Gaudium et spes, 3-4). Featured scholars will shed light on the significance of this landmark decision for American law and culture, in view of the Church’s understanding of the dignity of every human person and the sanctity of human life. Talks will present and interpret the history of abortion jurisprudence in the United States and will also look ahead to new opportunities and challenges for the pro-life movement.


David S. Crawford
Dean and Associate Professor of Moral Theology and Family Law, Pontifical John Paul II Institute

Elizabeth Kirk
Director of the Center for Law & the Human Person, Columbus School of Law at The Catholic
University of America

Jeanne Mancini
President, March for Life Education and Defense Fund

Moderator: Jeanne Heffernan Schindler, Senior Fellow, Pontifical John Paul II Institute


The registration fee is $15. To register, please click here.

If you have questions, please contact or 202-526-3799.

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