Adult Children of Divorce Conference at the CCPR

April 12, 2012 — April 14, 2012

Mission of the Symposium:


Recently much has been written about the effects of divorce on children by children of divorce themselves, who now, as adults, are questioning the conventional  opinion that children are better served by a so-called “good divorce” than a bad marriage.   In light of their direct experience, they have begun to identify the central problem inherited by children of divorce (irrespective of the “quality” of their parents’ parting), namely, that of living in the horizon of a broken origin.

In view of this new situation, the Center, which is dedicated to the judgment of cultural phenomena as they affect the most vulnerable, wishes to take stock of the effects of divorce on children in the upcoming Symposium.  In its engagement with this issue, the Center endeavors not only to understand the sociological evidence bearing on children and divorce but also to probe the most fundamental questions the problem raises, such as the relation between human identity and the horizon of an enduring love, as well as that between freedom, happiness and fidelity.  These questions, asked especially by the children of divorce themselves, will animate the work of the Symposium.  The Symposium is directed to educators, pastors, psychologists, counselors, youth directors, and more generally to anyone interested in the welfare of children and families.

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