Sara Deola

Adjunct Assistant Professor of Biomedical Science

M.D., University of Milan
Ph.D., University of Milan

Currently Dr. Deola is a consultant physician for Bone Marrow Transplant Program at the Medical and Research Center Sidra, in Doha, Qatar, and a staff physician at the Hematology and Bone Marrow Transplant Unit of Bolzano General Hospital, Italy.
Dr. Deola completed her studies at the Istituto Scientifico H. San Raffaele in Milan University and at the National Institutes of Health. Her research has included gene marking and gene therapy of stem cells, immunology and immunotherapy in the treatment of cancer. 
Dr. Deola's work has been published in various peer-reviewed journals including Science, Blood, Journal of Translational Medicine, and Journal of Immunology.

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