Theology of Mary and Communio Ecclesiology

JPI 518/757

This course deals with the theological significance of the Virgin Mary, which can only be understood if presented in the wide horizon of God's plan to recapitulate all things in Christ. That means that we will consider Mary, following the guidelines traced by the Second Vatican Council, in relation to the mystery of Christ and the Church. In her unique relationship with Christ she appears as the fulfillment of the nuptial covenant of God with the people of Israel and, at the same time, as the living and concrete image of the pilgrim Church. The structure of the course follows an historical thread: the mysteries of the life of Mary. All the traditional topics of Mariology (Immaculate Conception, Virginity, Divine Motherhood, Assumption, collaboration in the redemption, etc.) will be covered as we consider Mary's course of existence (from her Old Testament roots to the final Parousia). Her pilgrimage in faith will give us the key to contemplating the whole life of Jesus as a mystery, that is, as the revelation and action of the Triune God in the midst of human history.

Course Texts for Fall 2012

  1. Joseph Ratzinger, Daughter Zion
  2. Hans Urs von Balthasar and Joseph Ratzinger, Mary:  The Church at the Source
  3. Henri de Lubac, The Splendor of the Church

Associated Faculty

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