Technology and Truth

Technology and Truth

JPI 674
3 Credits

Technology and Truth is a masters-level seminar examining the nature and history of the concept of truth from Plato to pragmatism. The course will analyze its metaphysical and theological presuppositions, its transformation under the conditions of technological society, and anticipate the future implications of this concept as it operates in our culture. Students should expect to read roughly a book per week and to write a medium length paper at the end of the course.

Selected Texts


Michael Hanby portrait

Michael Hanby

Associate Professor of Religion and Philosophy of Science

Dr. Hanby is author of No God, No Science?: Theology, Cosmology, Biology (Wiley-Blackwell 2013) which reassesses the relationship between the doctrine of creation, Darwinian evolutionary biology, and science more generally. He is also author of Augustine and Modernity (Routledge 2003).

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