Scriptural Exegesis of the Fathers and John Paul II/Benedict XVI

JPI 975

This seminar aims to familiarize students with the guiding principles and the concrete results of the Scriptural exegesis of some of the most significant doctors of the early Church. At the same time, it also seeks to introduce students to the contemporary debate about the actuality of the exegesis of the Fathers, focusing especially on the similar but different approach of two theologians: Henri de Lubac and Jean Daniélou. Benedict XVI will be often taken as an example of a creative representation of spiritual exegesis in the contemporary milieu. The main goal of the seminar is in this sense not so much an historical or philological exploration of the Fathers exegesis, but an effort  appropriate a method of approach to the Scripture in the light of Christ, able to inspire us here and now. The students will be invited in this way to risk a personal work of “spiritual” interpretation of the studied Scriptural passages, “boldly” interacting with the tradition.

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