Issues in Psychological and Neurological Science:  Marriage, Family, and the Sexual Difference

JPI 605/839

Pope John Paul II stated, “Only a Christian anthropology, enriched by the contribution of indisputable scientific data, including that of modern psychology and psychiatry, can offer a complete and thus realistic vision of humans.” This vision will guide the exploration of the neurological and psychological discoveries regarding male and female gender. Topics to be covered also include divorce, sexual and physical abuse, homosexuality, abortion, psychotherapy, marriage counseling, family therapy, and pastoral responses to these issues.


Course Texts for Fall 2020

  • Johnson, S. (2013). Love Sense: The revolutionary new science of romantic relationships. New York: Little, Brown and Company. (book)
  • Marquardt, E. (2005). Between two worlds: The inner lives of children of divorce. New York, NY: Three Rivers Press.  (book)
  • Sax, L. (2017). Why gender matters: What parents and teachers need to know about the emerging science of sex differences (2nd ed.). New York: Haarmony Books. (book)
  • Yarhouse, M. (2010). Homosexuality and the Christian. Minneapolis, MN: Bethany House Publishers.  (book)
  • Course compendium – available from Cognella
  • Various articles available through the CUA e-journals database.  (Marked in the syllabus)
  • Various articles freely available on the web.  (Web addresses are given in the syllabus)
  • Handouts from the instructors

Associated Faculty

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