Environment and the Cosmological Order

JPI 670

In calling the human being to subdue the earth and have dominion over it, the Book of Genesis reveals an intimate relationship between human making and the natural world.  But how are we to understand this relationship in light of an environmental crisis brought about largely by human technology?  And how does this relationship help us to understand the nature of the ecological crisis?  Developing the foundations that underlie this mission entrusted to the human person, this course will examine the destructive transformation of this relationship and explore the relevance of the doctrine of creation and a corresponding theological anthropology for thinking about the ecological crisis and our technological age.


Course Texts for Spring 2013

  1. Compendiumof Readings.
  2. Henri de Lubac, Catholicism:  Christ and the Common Destiny of Man (San Francisco:  Ignaitus, 1988). 
  3. Richard McKeon (ed.), The Basic Works of Aristotle, (Modern Library, 2001), ISBN-10: 0375757996; ISBN-13: 978-0375757990.
  4. Leon Kass, The Hungry Soul:  Eating and the Perfecting of our Nature (Chicago:  University of Chicago, 1994).  ISBN:  0-226-42568.
  5. Hans Jonas, The Phenomenon of Life:  Toward a Philosophical Biology (Evanston:  Northwestern, 2001).
  6. Stratford Caldecott, Beauty for the Sake of Truth:  On the Re-Enchantment of Education (Brazos Press:  2009), ISBN # 1587432625

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